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Potato skins

Опубликовано: 28.05.2017

видео potato skins

How To Make Potato Skins - Video Recipe

I love тут because they remind me of 1983. Or was that 1984? Or was that 1982? Or was that 1985? Or was that…

Stop, Ree! STOP! You’re rambling again!

Anyway, potato skins are a nostalgic snack for me. And nostalgic snacks, I think I’ve established, are the very best kind of snacks. And they never, ever go out of style.

Unless you’re talking about deviled ham balls.

These potato skins are in my first cookbook, and I’ve мейд them forever. I мейд ’em a few weeks ago, then I мейд ’em again last night in anticipation of the Thunder game. They’re the perfect basketball food!

(Go, Thunder! Beat the heat! )

Start witha sacka potatoes. Russets will do just fine! It’s best if they’re on the smallish to mediumish side.

Thoroughly scrub the potatoes, then let them dry. Preheat the oven to approximately 401. 3764293327266 degrees.

Okay, fine. 400 will do.

Use a paper towel or just your grubby (or, preferably, clean) hands to rub canola oil all over the skins until they’re nice and moist and wonderful.

Stick ’em on a baking sheet and bake ’em until the skins are crisp and the taters are tender, about 30 to 40 minutes or so.

While the taters are baking, grab some bacon. I like the thick cut, peppered kind, but you can use any ol’ bacon you have on хэнд.

Sorry to be so bossy today.

Okay, the potatoes are done by now! Let them cool just a bit, then slice ’em down the middle.

Then use a spoon or scoop to scoop out the insides.

Look. You can see me. Freaky!

Leave a little rim around the edges so the potato skins will have a little support and so the potato skins will also have some potato in them.

My logic is sound. My logic is very, very sound.

Just throw the innards into a bowl. Use it for whatever you’d like! I smashed mine up with softened butter, sprinkled in salt and pepper, and saved it for dinner.

But that’s just me.

Keep going till all the taters are scooped out!

Throw ’em back on the baking sheet…

Then melt together a little butter and canola oil.

Potato Skins Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 280